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Reasons for writing my book

Why might one such as myself want to spend the time to research and write a book? I have many reasons, I shall outline as best I can my ideas about why I want to write about early modern hairstyling.

Reason one; I never learned any of this early hair history in beauty school. You don't get much in the way of the topic of early 20th century hairdressing. You vaguely learn that there was a history, but there's not much to it. Very little mention of a timeline or early influencers of hair.

Reason two; I am endlessly fascinated by vintage hair and hairstyling. My interests started with "pin-up" style updos. That led in to a want to find out more about how things were really done in previous decades.

Reason three; I don't want this history to be lost. If there are not a lot of people preserving the information, I can do my best to record all I can. I want future stylists to be able to look at my book and say, "Here is the most comprehensive collection of early 20th Century hair history."

Reason four; There are so many stylists that were large influencers in the realm of hair and hairdressing and I want to tell their stories. Most people of heard of Vidal Sassoon, but how many of heard of Ivan of Hollywood, Miss Ingerid, or Raymond Besssone, Mr. Teasie-Weasie? I think that is important to preserve their legacy as much as anyone.

Reason five; I am genuinely enjoying learning all of these new facts and want to share them with any other hair stylist or history enthusiast. I can only hope that more people may be interested in the information that I am finding.

Reason six; Many of our modern hair tools were invented much earlier than we realize. It is such an interesting thing to see how early certain things were actually created.

Reason seven; There isn't much available by way of the internet or publications in this area of study, I would like to do my best to add to the bank of knowledge regarding this subject matter. By compiling a book, there's a chance I can also add to the information available online.

Reason eight; I would read a book like this. I would love to have had something like this available to learn from. Therefore, I want to write this so someone else may gain the benefit of the information in one place.