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Could I teach others about hair history?

The skull has nothing to do with this post, just looks cool and fits the season(Halloween).


I have lately been thinking of teaching the things I am learning in pursuit of my book. I would love for more people to learn about what the early days of modern hairdressing were like.

I have been doing some live stream videos on my Facebook page. It's nice to share, but would be even nicer if I were to do something in person. I have also given some consideration to using Instagram live streams as well. Another avenue might be YouTube, but I am not sure how to go about making that happen.

My biggest issue is finding if anyone would be interested in seeing a class or demonstration in person. I am thinking of doing a hands on style class, if anyone would want to attend. That class could focus on the craft of historical, early 20th century, hair styling techniques. I could also do a lecture class on the history of hairdressing. I think an hour long lecture would be a good time for the information. Get to all the good points and highlights of the history. I need to find an outlet for such things. Either a beauty school or university lecture, maybe even a museum. I need an audience and then I also want to share with everyone.

I find that the only way to know if one knows something is to teach it to others. I would like to cement these ideas and trivia in my head and sharing seems the best way.

Anyone reading, what is the way that you might like to learn about this subject matter? Online, reading, podcast, video, in person, lecture, hands on, etc... Please shoot me a message, if you feel inclined.