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At a loss

Trying to find information

I am discovering that some information is quite elusive. I have been studying up on a few new leads, but the dearth of real , in-depth facts is frustrating.

I am currently searching for more on a few stylists that have not had much in the way of biography done. I recently found a little source that helped me find a piece on Ivan of Hollywood. I would love to know more about his career, as he was the stylist to create the Middy cut. I am also trying to find if anyone may know the last name of Miss Ingerid. I have looked and looked, but never seem to find a last name, so I am only getting fragments of her hair history. I have a source to get information about Freddy French, but it is slow going. There are a few others out there that I am also looking in to: Carmen England, Henry da Costa, Riche, and any of the stylists from the Mayfair area of London. I am interested in any other stylists who had a great impact on the world of hair and hair dressing.

If you have any leads, I would be most grateful to utilize these in my pursuit of writing a comprehensive history of the early 20th century hairstyling. Send an email to: subject line: Hair history