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What's happening?

Why I have been neglecting certain parts of my craft

To those that might be following my exploits, you may have noticed a significant drop in my mentions of book research. I haven't even posted here for well over a month. That is due to a number of circumstances, and I shall outline them here, both good and bad.

First, is that I have been feeling stuck in my research and that I feel that in order to continue I will need to purchase some materials. I am not opposed to purchasing materials, I just would like to feel like I have enough extra capital to make that happen. I am finding that some things are very elusive and I am not sure that I would want to write and publish my book without having the information.

Second, I have found that I have begun to lose my enthusiasm for the research process, because it has become so tedious and frustrating. It makes it hard to want to look up information when there are so many dead ends to run in to.

Third, I keep thinking that I need to have the entirety of my information gathered before I write anything. Therefor, I have not even begun to write an introduction to the work.

Fourth, I haven't made this part of my life a priority. It has been back burnered, for the sake of feeling like no one is interested, but me. I am not sure what the real interest is in what I have to say or what I have found out.

Fifth, I am not sure what I even want to or can include in the book. Would it be better to break it up and do multiple books on the different subject matter? Would it be more interesting as a general overview with few details? I have been struggling with this. I want to produce something that people might actually be interested to read about.

Sixth, I have been occupied by other parts of my life. I have been recently restructuring my days and starting a health journey that seems to take more time than I expected. Even my hair work is in the way of doing a proper research session or writing.

Seventh, I don't know that anyone even cares about the work I am doing. I feel defeated by the thought that no one wants to learn about these aspects of early hair history that fascinate me so much.

-So that pretty much covers it. Please let me know if you are interested in my book. I would gladly work more on it and post about it, if that's something people want.