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Live Streaming

My video teaching demonstrations

For the past 5 months I have been doing a bi-weekly live stream broadcast on Facebook. Most of the time I am demonstrating vintage styles and ideas. I have done a couple on more modern styling. I am finding that I really enjoy the platform for sharing these bits of knowledge I have with a wider audience.

That being said, I am becoming a bit frustrated that very few people seem to tune in or interact with my demos. I feel that I just need to build up a bit more momentum, perhaps continue in teaching more modern looks. I would rather continue in vintage styling. I would like to be the foremost authority on true vintage style. I think that the world needs more information on the foundation of what my career is. Does anyone else feel this way? I am not sure, but I figure if I keep putting the work in, someone is bound to be interested.

Maybe someone else has done this very thing. I am not sure, because most of the vintage hair tutorials I see are done with hot tools and not wet set. There is nothing wrong with heat styling, I just don't want to lose the careful art of the wet set, pin curls, rollers, the works.

I can only hope that a few will be interested in the history of hairstyling and visit me every other week for an exciting dive in to some part of that world. Send me messages, give me advice, ask questions, I look forward to it all. If this thing catches on, then, perhaps, I can do live demos in person or even teach a hands on class. I will continue as I am doing and look forward to what the future holds for me.