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What interests me?

Answering the questions...

I shall, as promised, answer the questions I laid out in my previous post.

-What draws your attention? Color, light, death, decay, animals, language, science, history.

-What do you find most interesting to learn? I love to learn about science and language more than anything else.

-How do you learn best? (Visual, aural, kinetic, etc.) I do my best learning first by reading and then by making mental connections from certain pieces of information to another. I also find that handwriting notes is an effective way to get the info to stick.

-What about my industry, hair, is most fascinating to you? I find the history of hair styling and technology related to the industry the most fascinating part to me.

-Who would you interview if you could pick any one person living or dead? At this point in my regular life I would interview Vlad III. In my hair life I would interview Mr. Teasie-Weasie(you can find a blog post I wrote about him if you are curious who he was).

-Why that person and what would you want to know? For Vlad III, I would love to know how he really felt about leading his country and what life was like in the 1400s. For Mr. Teasie-Weasie, I would just love to know all about how he found the hair business and how he made a real name for himself out in the world. Also, how to get a little of his swagger.

-What subjects do you "rabbit hole" on? Hair history, language, science, etymology.

-When is your favorite time to exercise your brain? I prefer to do my brain exercises(reading, studying, watching educational material) best mid-morning or late evening.

-Do you have a hobby? I suppose I would consider studying languages a hobby. I also enjoy reading, listening to music and occasionally dancing Zumba.

-Where is your most favorite place to be in the whole world? Right at this moment, my most favorite place I could be would be in Sighișoara, România. It is the most beautiful place I have ever visited in my life.

-What topic could you talk about endlessly? Hair history, without a doubt.

-Where would you travel if money and time weren't issues? Across the entire globe. Although, if I could only pick one place, then it would be going back to România.

I do hope this was enlightening for you, maybe even got a little glimpse into what it is that makes me tick. I will return you to your regular programming and bring new and interesting blog posts each week.