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Too many heads...

The situation with the dollheads

I currently own 16 different dollheads. These mannequins are great, but I have too many to display properly. I have also found that when they are at the shop, a number of people are very discomforted by disembodied heads. I would love to show off a bit more of color and style work, but it seems that not too many are interested in seeing a "real life example" due to the creep factor. Perhaps, I could turn them around so you can't see the face, only the hairstyle. I have taken the majority of them home, because there is no room in the shop for them. And I don't have much room in my house for them either. 

There are only 4 left at the shop, these being the prettiest of the heads. At home, I have 3 on the top of my bookshelf, 3 sitting in a corner and 6 more that are going to be put in storage. I am considering giving them away to a nice home, but I am not sure that anyone would want them. I suppose I could send them to the Goodwill or St. Vinnie's, I am sure someone might get some use out of them. I am still considering this idea, because they have been a part of my hair learning journey for years. I have certainly taken the time to capture each color and style in photos. You can see many of these in my gallery. Although, there are hundreds more pictures saved to my external harddrive. 

I feel a bit poorly about the situation, because I love to work on the dolls, but I have found myself with less time available for the styling. I have also found myself to be a bit lazy when it comes to making the time to do a nice vintage style. Or even a fancy color I have wanted to try. For a few of these lovely ladies, their hair is literally falling out and is not actually funtional as a model for my ideas. I am considering buying more dolls to replace the ones that might go away. However, if I purchase more dolls to practice with, I will have more that will need to be kept somewhere. Perhaps I need to set myself a showroom for the dolls. I would love to have a beautiful cabinet with which to show off my skills by displaying all of the dolls. If only the general populace wasn't so creeped out by these beautiful heads.

What do you think of mannequin heads? Do find them interesting, creepy, strange, nice, or more of a neutral feeling? What would you do with one if you had access?