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What interests you?

What do you want to learn?

I thought I might turn the tables a little bit and ask you some questions. I am sincerely curious and, if you would be so kind, I would love to read your answers. I will be sure to answer all of these questions for myself next week.

-What draws your attention?

-What do you find most interesting to learn?

-How do you learn best? Visual, aural, kinetic, etc.

-What about my industry, hair, is most fascinating to you?

-Who would you interview if you could pick any one person living or dead?

-Why that person and what would you want to know?

-What subjects do you "rabbit hole" on?

-When is your favorite time to exercise your brain?

-Do you have a hobby?

-Where is your most favorite place to be in the whole world?

-What topic could you talk about endlessly?

-Where would you travel if money and time weren't issues?

This is partly a filler entry, if I am honest. I found myself at a loss for creating a compelling blog post, so I thought I might ask a few questions to see if something might come to me. Thank you for answering, if you do, and for reading and thinking about these questions, if you don't choose to send me any answers.