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What I'm learning

Practice makes practice
As I have been practicing my vintage styling techniques, I have learned a few things.
One, there are better  methods for securing each of the types of curls and the length of hair. Hair pins are fantastic for securing long hair in pin curls or sculpture curls. They don't warp the shape of the curl. Single prong clips are fantastic for securing stand up curls and barrel curls. They grip the hair in a way that keeps it upright. No worries about warping. Also, single prong clips are great for securing shorter hair into  pin curls. Sometimes the hair pins are just not strong enough.
Two, sculpture curls are the better option for a tighter, smoother end to the curl. Pin curls have a tendency to fray out a bit on the end.
Three, thoroughly combing the hair before winding in to a curl is the best for an easy comb out.
Four, prep with some product and keep the hair damp while curling is a great help for control of any kind of curl.
These are a few things I am figuring out. I still don't feel as though I have made great strides toward mastering the techniques, however, each day is a small step in the journey to that goal. I am looking forward to the point when I can execute a proper set from my vintage publications.