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The search for authentic hair product
I have been researching Brilliantine as a part of my discovery of authentic hair styling. It was a very popular product from the turn of the 20th century. Originally created by French perfumer Edouard Pinaud (a.k.a. Ed. Pinaud). He presented a product he called Brillantine (from the French brillant meaning "brilliant") at the 1900 Exposition Universalle in Paris. It consisted of a perfumed and colored oily liquid.
I have been trying to find a better description of the product. One I heard was petrolatum and mineral oil with fragrance. Another came from an old recipe that used bee's wax, lanolin, canola oil, water, and fragrance. My assumption can only be that it was slick and slightly tacky. I have been trying to find substitute in the Matrix product line.
I believe I have a close mimic. Using Amazonian MuruMuru Oil and Shape Switcher Molding Paste I feel like a I have something that will do the trick. Definitely adds the shine and a bit of hold that you would be looking for.
I am proud of myself for finding something that works. Although, I might try and make some at home following the recipe that I mentioned.