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A year long challenge
I have taken up the challenge presented by Tabatha Coffey and Industrie Beauty. Do one thing, small or large, each day. Posting the pictures to Instagram to keep myself on track. My goal for this challenge is to become exceedingly proficient at vintage styling using vintage techniques. Each day I practice a type of curl or comb out to demonstrate what I am learning. I am hoping by mid year I will be doing full head styles. For now, I am limiting myself to sections of hair to practice one type of curl each time.
I have many books from different eras that give me the exact how to for each type of curl and placement. These are invaluable in the knowledge I can gain.
I am very excited in this undertaking. I feel that it can only improve my styling game in the long run. I shall share in my journey through Instagram and a bit through my Facebook page. It seems an exciting adventure in skills.