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What am I doing?

Where's my passion?
I have been contemplating what it is that I love to do and why I do it. I have found that the market for what I love to do is a little thin here in my home city of Eugene, OR. I love and am truly passionate about styling hair, especially older, classic methods of styling. I am starting to feel like a fish in the wrong pond. I am doing the best I can to practice and practice the craft that I adore, but it seems that the audience I need to reach is not here. The big question is do I stay in my small area and hope that I can find an audience, or do I consider moving to someplace bigger? I keep hoping that the world will find me, but it hasn't happened yet. I feel that if I have been at this for the last 14 years and I have finally found what I enjoy the most, why can I not find the persons to play with? I can find some satisfaction playing with my dolls, but they don't pay and there is no great interaction or collaboration. I am hoping my audience will expand in the future, so that I may continue to do what I love most.