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What does that word mean?
I have been having some trouble when it comes to colours. When someone says, "I want to be auburn." what colour is that? Is it a warm, chocolate brown? Is it a reddish hue? The colour I most despise when asked for is "Ginger". The true color of a ginger plant is either green(stalk), coral pink(flower), or a bland tan(root). Most, when asking for ginger, are referring to a shade of red hair. I believe that the term originated when speaking of Ginger from Gilligan's Island. She had red hair, so you could say that you want to look like Ginger. I think that is like picking another TV or movie character and changing their name to a color. "What colour would you like today?" "I think I would like Marilyn." This just irks me.
Choosing color is quite difficult, so I understand the confusion when trying to explain what you want. Bring pictures, show examples of what a colour means to you. I don't solidly know what you mean when you say mocha, I know exactly what I mean when I say mocha. It is tricky and I will continue to work on creating clarity in the the colour selection process.