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I won!

The Stitch contest
I am a big winner. Okay, so I won a hat, but that does not negate the work that I put in. The contest was presented by Daniel Roldan to showcase work done with his tool, The Stitch. I love this device, it is amazing for working on updos. I entered on Instagram, tagged and hash-tagged my way to victory. I was darn proud of the work I did. I love doing any sort of hair competitions, it's not very often that they are free. This little IG competition was a good way to dust off my skills and get creative. Now, if there were a way to make this creativity a little more lucrative. I love to play with hair, but it is rare that someone wants to pay me to play. Unless it is prom time, then they will pay. I had a great time flexing my creative bone and I look forward to other competitions.