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Skills without utility

There are things which I have the skills to do, but I don't want to do them. Here I shall show what it is I mean by "skills without utility".

I am mostly discussing the things which I have invested my time in learning, but don't want to do on a regular basis. Or the things in which I would only offer to existing clients and not to strangers. There are plenty of services I could provide, I just don't care to. I have a number of activities with which I could help the populace, I don't want to do them. I shall write, in the following, the services that I am skilled or even proficient in that I simply don't wish to do.

1. Permanent wave: the most basic of skills that I got drilled in to my head in beauty school. Everyone loves curls. I love curls. I even enjoy the process of wrapping a perm. However, I thoroughly despise the smell of the chemicals that are used in the process. If I didn't have to deal with the chemical part, I might actually enjoy the whole thing. As it stands, I don't want to do perms, because of the fragrance emitted.

2. Bridal upstyles: the art of arranging a bride's hair as her crowning glory for her big day. Don't mistake me, I love doing updos and styling. I just don't want to work with a bride that I don't already know. I don't need the stress associated with the occasion. I am perfectly satisfied to keep my styling skills for more minor occasions such as proms, evenings out, or fun. I will gladly help my friends and established clientele, I am just not interested in working with strangers in this department.

3. Extensions: adding a little extra hair for length, color, and volume. I have some skill in this, I have taken an extensive coarse covering all the basic installation techniques. I don't want to do this for anyone but my established clients. I know that I could "make a ton of money" by offering these services to the general populace, but I just don't want to put in that kind of time. I love being able to do such services and would gladly with someone I already have a relationship with, but I have no interest in developing a new clientele for extensions. 

4. Lash services: including lifts and tinting. This is another service set that I feel confident in doing, but only for my clients. I don't like the idea of doing a strangers lashes and messing up. I know that I could improve, but I already worry about working around a person's eyes. It feels a little too dangerous for me.

5. Super white blonde: the trendy white/silver blonde color for the most descriminating of guests. I don't think this particular color is easy or worth it to maintain for many people. I have opted to "just say no" when it comes to these types of color. Even for my established clients. This is far too difficult to do well without the appropriate amount of time, good hair and lots of money. I would rather turn down the pay for this color, than to not be able to deliver on expectations. This one is just on the border of my skill set. I "can" do it, but it doesn't mean I should.

6. Mullets: the absolute worst of the hairstyles. This is my personal opinion, but this particular hairstyle is just awful. If someone that I know well wants one, I will do my best to talk them out of it. I won't refuse to do the cut, but I am not going to like it. I think there are so many more good and nice looking options that this one can go to the bin.

7. Makeover/"just do what you feel": big changes for a whole new look. I am not your gal for this. I find that I can work within all kinds of parameters, but when given the go ahead to "do whatever", I am at an absolute loss. I don't think in that way. I appreciate those that are amazing artists in the realm of big change and makeovers, I am not that person. I can do nearly anything once I have some idea of either what the client wants or doesn't want. I am not confident enough in my vision to be able to create something without discussing what it is we are doing. 

8. Walk-ins/call-ins: Random persons off the street looking for a service. I have no need to "build" a clientele, so I don't generally want to do the person coming in to see if anyone has time for a cut. I did enough of that when I was working for a corporate salon and I think I am done with it. Not that I won't accept new business, but I would rather it be by referral than walk-in. Plus, I can let some of the other stylists in the salon handle those people. I know that a few of the ladies are still looking to build their client portfolio.

-If you are an established client of mine, you have access to the "secret menu". Anyone else, I am just not doing it. I have a number of good friends in the shop that can help with most of these services, except for perms, because nobody seems to do perms. I am focusing my attention on the services that I am happy to provide. This includes haircuts, color, styling, waxing. Everything else can be handled by other people. Also, I am now a bit more focused on my training to become an educator and don't give myself the time to build up those particular skills.