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For me and you...

I have recently begun to think about timing. Specifically in regards to appointments at the salon. I have been contemplating about how I need to address the subject of punctuality. Both for me, as the stylist, and for you, as the client. It is of vital importance that everyone is aware of how long activities take and how being late can affect my whole day.

To start; I have my appointments set at the average time each one takes me to complete. However, I have to pay attention to what my client wants, so they don't choose a service that takes too little time. Meaning, someone choosing a root retouch, which normally is set for 1.5 hours, when they should be choosing a partial highlight, which normally takes about 3 hours. If I don't catch the time discrepency, someone may choose the very next available time slot, and I will find myself panicking about the situation. It can feel very hectic and I don't feel like I am giving each client their due attention. I can't give my best service when I am feeling rushed. I am considering taking 10% off of anyone's service if it is my fault that I am running late. I need to respect their time and provide service at the hour they request and scheduled for.

Now on the client's side; I have had a number of people running late and even cancelling appointments day of. I have been very lenient in this regard, due to not wanting to cause friction. However, if you are running late, that pushes all of my appointments back. If I offer 10% off to each person that I have to start late, my whole day's intake will go down, even if I am not at fault for the lateness. I do respect my client's time and it is worse if another client causes the tardiness. If someone cancels day of, then I have a time filling the spot, which means I have lost a day's wages. I don't, unfortunately, get paid to stand about in the salon.

All of this to say, that I am looking to implement some new policies. If the client is running late, but I can still fit them in, I will add 10% to their total. If I am running late and causing their appointment to be pushed back, I will subtract 10%. I will also be more firm in enforcing a 50% of the service cancellation fee* if the cancellation is within 24 hours of the appointment time. I think this will be a good way to value both mine and my customer's time going forward.


*for any circumstances where there is no rescheduling of the appointment, subject to my consideration