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or not

After attending my spring training for what's up and coming in the world of hair trends, I have some thoughts.

Due to my age, 41, I am starting to feel a kind of way when I see that the styles from my high school years are coming back around. The trends of the '90s and Y2K are making a comeback in a big way. The cuts, the colors, the clothes, it's already coming back. It was only 30 years ago and now I feel like I am going through a timewarp every time I see what the "kids these days" are doing.

There are some variations on classic styles. The "hush cut" is just a modification of a shag cut. The biggest difference is that the fringe is not blended/layered into the rest of the cut. There are modified pixie cuts; the "bixie" a layered bob/long pixie combo, the "mixie" a pixie-mullet(I am not a fan of any kind of mullet), and other pixie adjacent cuts. And then the "Rachel" is making a solid go of rejoining the ranks of popular cuts.

Now for colors. It seems that it is still leaning toward the late '90s/Y2K aesthetic. There is the color blocking(large chunks of color in select locations), the "chunky" highlights(zebra stripes, but slightly more blended), shadow boxes and different toned fringes(a couple shades darker or lighter). The color of the year is apparently Peach Fuzz.

I am having mixed feelings about these trends. I like some of them and am happy to see them making a return. A few of the others I would rather they stay gone. It is the way to of the fashion world. I need to stay up on what's current, but I don't always have to like what it is. I will continue to bring the latest and greatest to my clients every day.