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On the move...

Changes happen

My life choices have led to needing to move to a new salon home. I am not fond of moving my business to a new location, but I found the need to do just that.

I am reassessing my work schedule, my ideals, my dreams and visions. I am looking into what it is that I want as my ideal work schedule and how I want to proceed with my professional career.

With the move comes some interesting side effects: I have to maintain a strict schedule, due to the bus pick-up times. I am now working 15 minutes out of town, but must ride the bus, as I am still not driving. I also have to be aware of what my clients are willing to put up with, as far as environment and distance to the salon. It is frustrating that I couldn't find something in town, but I will persevere.

I am still not interested in using social media to "expand" my brand. I am perfectly content to continue in the manner that I was already using. I much prefer the old-fashioned word-of-mouth method of gaining clients. I am very hopeful that this is the best method for me.

I will be focusing on improving the experience of my clients and making my skillset top notch. I am also allowing very certain clients the ability to see me in my home, if they are willing. Since they may not have the ability to travel to my new salon. It is awkward, but I am determined to make everything work.

This is merely the next chapter in the book of my life. I will continue to create the life that I desire. And I will be making more of my down time, since I am limited to only four days a week at my new salon.

Here's to the next big adventure.