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The New Normal

Making of it what I will

What does this new normal mean? I am finding that it is creating a new way of doing things. A new method to control the madness. I am still navigating my way through the stream of life and what I do.

I have made a few pledges as to what I am offering to the public. And, so far, I am falling a little short, but I don't intend on giving up. I just have to make a few more things with hairdressing the priority, rather than the things I do when I have the time. I must make these things my job. This includes creating consistent content for social media. Staying up to date on my website. Updating the blog weekly. I am on my way to making all of these things happen. I am just trying to find the proper balance between work and personal life. I have also promised myself and you that I will work on my book in earnest. That is still a little held up, but I am not giving up. I just have to do it. I keep making the excuse that I can't possibly write the most comprehensive book on modern hairdressing and, therefore, I shouldn't even try to begin. I am changing that.

My life is actually getting simpler. I am soon to be moved out on my own, as it were, and will have more leisure time to devote to my business and my book. Each day is a new day to make magic happen.

I am choosing to approach all of this on my terms. Those that get my energy will love it and those that don't, don't need to follow what I am up to. I am on my way to greater things.