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New adventures

Moving forward with gusto

As I have been settling into the new way of operating my business, I have been thinking about exactly what it is I want to present from here out.

I have decided to focus my efforts in only a few avenues. Those will be to really create a strong presence on Instagram, to offer more video how-tos through YouTube, to get back to researching and actually writing my book, to keep my website up to date.

All of these will require either a daily or weekly commitment and I am ready to make it. I am committed to creating fresh content for IG every day, whether it is my work or some piece of information that is relevant to hair and hairdressing history. I am committed to creating live stream and how-to videos once a week. The same goes with updating my website and blog. As for the book research, I am committed to weekly sessions of research and rough drafting.

With all of these new commitments, I will also be continuing to train as a Matrix Artistic Educator. I recently attended the global training to help each educator move to a more online presence. Specifically pertaining to the world as it stands right now and the likelihood that we won't be able to do many in person classes or demonstrations. I am excited to be able to utilize the information. The Matrix family is just the best.

Finally, my physical job is getting revived and given the proper attention to be able to best serve every person that sits in my chair. I do know that some won't be sitting in my chair for a while, but I am ready when they are. I am rediscovering the joy of helping people reach their hair goals. It is quite a lovely feeling.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give this a little look see and I will catch you for the next installment.