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Education in a virtual space

I have just completed two days of education on how to educate. The new focus is how to create good content and connection through an online platform.

This is very foreign territory for me, I have not had a lot of practice educating online. I have done a few live streams on Instagram and Facebook, but nothing that would be considered quality. Of course, this is by my standards and not anyone else's point of view.

I am finding the need to be more open to working in an online and not in a live environment. I am still getting used to the idea. Being an introvert, you would think that this would be more preferable for me, but I really feel like I can connect better in real life. The past two days has also shown that I need to up my game in the presentation space. Having a clean background and a better set up for my camera and the like. I also feel like I am going to need some more equipment as I develop my style. There are so many elements to take into account when one is presenting in an online format.

I am also finding that I feel like I am still at the very beginning of my educator path. I saw so many amazing people sharing their style and I felt that I was a little beginner. I know my information is sound, but I am still a bit unnatural on the camera. I think that this is a moment where practice is the key to success. I will need to work with some of my fellow educators and see if they can give me some feedback on my presentation style.

Since, the online learning sector is not going anywhere soon, I feel the need to make it second nature. It is certainly different, but I am sure I can adapt. This is just a step in the journey to educator success.