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The Bald Hairdresser

My journey to no hair

Over the course of this past year I have been in the process of shaving my head more and more. With the, newly created, goal of going completely bald on New Years.

Why have I chosen to remove all of the hair from my head? That is a good question. I began this little journey when I went through some life changes and realized that I would like to be able to create vintage styles on my hair and having it one length, down to my waist was a hinderance to this process. I began by cutting about about a foot of length off and layering. This did two things, it helped me feel prettier, by being able to style my hair in the fashions I wanted, and it helped me not feel tied to being "the girl with waist length hair". This was a good start to my process.

I continued on this little hair removal adventure by cutting another 6 inches off. This was already very liberating. And exciting to be cutting my own hair and the consequences be damned!

About a month or so later, I felt the need to cut my hair shorter. So I chose to cut it to my collarbones, still layered and able to create vintage styles, but I little more easily controlled. This created a very 1940s middy cut look and feel.

One day in late April, a friend of mine posted on social media that she had buzzed all of her hair down to about a half of an inch. That really inspired me to shave part of my hair. I parted the hair from my temples to below the occipital and proceeded to shave my undercut with a 1 guard on a set of clippers in my kitchen. That was super exciting and thrilling. My hair could still cover the undercut, but I had about half as much hair as before. I could also create some cute vintage styles and hide the shave if I wanted to.

I soon cut my remaining hair to just above my shoulders. My son helped in the back, although I feel I did a darn fine job of it.

In June, I decided to fully shave the undercut to smooth skin. That was a fun adventure. Also, I started to bring the undercut up a bit higher. By the time my birthday came around in July, I had my good friend help me line up the top, the undercut at this point was all the way up and even with my fringe line. I was very inspired by Till Lindemann of Rammstein. I really like the way the remaining hair looked against the bald skin of my undercut.

I kept that for a bit, while continuing to cut the length shorter and shorter. It started by shaping it into a nice A-line cut just below my jaw. Then into an even shorter A-line style with the longest part just at my chin. I added a lot of layers to emphasize the post-apocalyptic style. I could still put curlers in for a bit of a change.

My remaining hair has become less and less, because each time I touch up the shave the line goes further up my head. As of this week, I have shaven all but the fringe and a small patch at the top of my head. I just grew tired of looking at and dealing with the crown area.

Even though, I have picked the worst time of the year to remove all of the hair from my head, I am really enjoying having no hair on most of my scalp. I am eagerly looking forward to having no hair at all. I had a lot of hair for well over 10 years and it is time for a change. I feel fortunate to have a nicely shaped head. I have had enough people also say, "I don't normally like bald on a girl, but this looks great on you". I am happy to experience the freedom of no hair. We will see how long I go before I grow it back. Not sure if I will right now.