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Starting my book

Really writing the darn thing

It's not much, but I have begun the process of writing my book. I only have an outline and a basic introduction. It still feels good to get started. I needed to take care of it a bit, so I did. This is the first in a series of project updates I intend to be making throughout the remainder of this year.

I find that it can be hard to put myself in the writer's position. I am great at working on all of the research, learning new things and even using some of the information in my day to day. I just don't know if writing is the thing that I have been blessed with. I feel that approaching the book as a sort of stream of consciousness on a theme may be the best approach. To sound more personable and enthusiastic and to make the material not boring. I have found it most fascinating when you can "hear" the author talk about history. I think this is the style for me.

I still have more research to do and, perhaps, will never get done. I just need to get the main body on paper, or online, and add and edit later editions as more information presents. This is a unique project for me, but I want to share with the world and writing it all out is the best way I can think of. I hope you join me in my journey and I look forward to having you read my book.