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Concerning time

It has been wasted

I am working to be more consistent in my posting. However, I feel that I haven't made certain things a priority in my professional career. I am finding reasons to not do the things I need to do. I feel good that I have been able to do a live stream on Facebook every two weeks on Sunday. I haven't missed any since I started the project. I would like to get more ideas for what people might like to hear about. Are people more interested in technique, history, tips and tricks, modern how-to styles? I am not sure.

As for my book, I keep saying that I need to do it, but I really haven't made writing a priority in my life. I am slowly changing my habits around my work and lifestyle, so I feel that I need to create the habit of writing on a weekly basis. Perhaps, Sunday would be a good day. I also need to work on more research. There is an element of manufacturing of activities that are taking the time I need to use for the completion of my book.

I also need to make this blog a bi-weekly situation. I want to write a post on the alternating Sundays from my live streams. I also need to create more subject matter. I am sure that I will have more to write about as I have more written in my book. 

Another thing that causes me some concern is not knowing if people are interested in what I have to say, so I just don't want to start on something that might not be well received. I feel I am allowing my uncertainty to dictate how I prioritize my work. 

I will be creating more content throughout this year to do my best to be consistent and interesting. I hope to be more disciplined by the end of this year. Look forward to seeing new content each week.