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Making moving pictures

Giving film a go

I am trying out a different method of showing how I do what I do. I am trying out a program to create small films to show my techniques of vintage hair styling. I believe most of these will be about 1 minute long and be featured on my social media channels. I am also looking in to the possibility of posting these on my website.

I felt that the best way of handling how I do things, is to do a point of view version of when I am working. That way you are not distracted by anything and can focus on my hands and what they are doing. I have not seen many other social media channels that show how to do pin curls from a 1st person vantage point.

This seems like the next logical step in my teaching career. If I can't show you in person, and you don't want to watch an hour of a live stream, then minute long snips of the craft may just be the perfect time. I am trying out this new format in hopes that it may connect with someone and help them try and craft amazing hairstyles.