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Some fun facts

Just a few tidbits from my research

I am working on my big project for the year and I thought it might be nice to hear a few interesting things that I have begun finding during my research.

The time line of events started earlier than I originally thought. I hadn't realized that things got started before 1910 or so. I figured most of the innovations took place after ladies began cutting their hair short in a bob or shingle style.

-The first salon recorded in the US opened in 1888. At the time the purpose seemed to be to provide a more holistic/naturalistic approach to women's haircare. Created by Martha Matilda Harper, it was a modest affair meant to encourage ladies to visit in relative privacy rather than doing things at home.

-The Marcel curling tong was created in 1879. Although curling devices were known much earlier, this is the first time someone, Marcel Grateau, made the tong style of iron. The basic idea is still used today.

-The first permanent wave machine was demonstrated for the first time in 1906. It was a monstrosity, but it could create the waves and curls that were popular in the time period. That is, if it didn't burn the scalp or over process and pull out the hair. Karl Nessler was the father of the perm. As time went on machines were improved upon and the permanent wave became a staple of the hair industry.


I hope these few facts have been entertaining. I will continue to share small pieces of history as I find them.