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It's Been Awhile

Musings after a year

I have been very remiss in my blog duties. This year has been quite the ride for me. I have made some changes to my work ideals, I have altered my focus in my work, and I have decided to write a book on the subject of early 20th Century hairdressing. Basically, the beginnings of the modern salon and industry. It's still a very young career. The more I learn, the more I realize there is a dearth of information regarding many of the key players in the hair game. I shall continue to delve in to all of the resources I can get my hands on. Perhaps I will use this blog to outline some of the things I have been learning. It might be nice to share the little tidbits of info with the broader public. Which may lead to more persons able to help me in my research. It is a daunting task, but I think I can do it.

I am currently also working to expand my business only to the creative endeavors I choose to pursue. Try to make vintage styling something people actually want to have done. And figure out a way to make the salon a destination rather than just a place to get your hair done. Not entirely certain how I shall make that last part happen, but I am going to try. Perhaps arrange my station to be more accommodating to interested bystanders.

I hope to make more use out of this written part of things to share the amazing insights I have learned. I shall write again soon.