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Signs of the times

How I am surviving the COVID-19 apocolypse

This is a blog post I never would have imagined that I would be making. The virus, COVID-19, has radically shifted all aspects of my career. I may not be able to work for a while, at least not regularly, and that is making daily life a little difficult.

In my down time, I am taking the opportunity to study up on my education training for my Matrix position. There is definitely more time for study, but not as much time for utilizing the knowledge. I am also working to keep my website, blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel and the like as up do date and engaging as possible. I still want to be able to connect with everyone, even if we can't do that in person.

I am well aware that my industry is one of the most fragile out there. We, independent hairstylists, do not provide a "vitally necessary" service, have little to no access to emergency funds, work extremely close to our clients, and could be forced to close our doors at a moments notice. How do we survive in these times of uncertainty? That truly is the question of the day.

I will be working at a highly sanitzed, very hygienic business as usual level when I get back in to the shop. I will be utilizing every sanitation practice available to me and will refuse service to someone who is ill. I will require hand washing and sterilizing all surfaces between every client. I am hopeful that we will keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum.

The next post should be more on the lines of hair information and less on this new situation.