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It has been far too long

News and updates

Hello, you fabulous person, it has been a very long time since I took the time to write. I want to make this a permanent fixture in my business and my career. I have had a number of changes and the direction I am taking is new and exciting.

I am now in training to be a Matrix educator. I want to share my experiences through the process. So far it has been wonderful. I am learning what I need to learn and starting to make new friends. I am so honored to have the opportunity.

I have moved salon locations and am now able to focus on work in the most positive of senses. I can now focus on the elements of the business that I want to focus on, color, styling, teaching. This is so awesome and I can hardly wait to share more.

I am now certified in Babe Hair Extensions. I can add length, volume, color or all of the above. I will provide the services as a part of my regular menu of options.

I am moving all of my video content to YouTube, as I have been having difficulties with the Facebook platform. You can check out my channel here:

After a quick training trip next week, I will be doing new videos an fresh content. I will be adding a blog post to accompany the video, so I have a  reason to keep this blog new and consistent. 

I think that is enough for now. I look forward to sharing more adventures soon.