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Thinking about the year

To begin I will apologize for not posting for two weeks. I found myself distracted and working every day. Today is my first day off in a while. I thought I might take the opportunity to reflect on this past year and maybe even look forward to the next.

This year has passed rapidly and slowly at the same time. I think that biggest thing was taking a two month long vacation. I learned that I could afford to take the time off, though things didn't go quite as "planned". I also learned how much I am valued for my skills. Many of my clients were waiting for me when I came back. Even with the option to visit one of my fellow stylists in the salon, they chose to wait for me. That really touched my heart and made me feel important. I plan on making travel an annual thing, but I won't be going for longer than 4 weeks at a time.

I began my career as a real educator for Matrix. A dream that I was finally able to realize this year. Getting to travel to salons and beauty supply stores to teach is wonderful. After starting this part of my career, I decided that I will be taking 3 days off per week, to accomodate my educator requirements and still have a day off during the weeks that I am travelling. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the information I have collected after 20+ years of hairdressing.

I found a very specific way of creating blondes that seems to be suited to my mentality. What might be termed my "million foil weave". I like packing foils in back-to-back and creating as much blonde as I can, while still making the grow out between appointments soft. It takes anywhere from two to three hours just to put the foils in, but it is completely worth it. Although, my fellow stylists in the salon didn't want to do that for any of my clients while I was away. It is a lot to ask of anyone.

I have realized after this year that, while my job is not "necessary", it is very important. I get to be more than just a hairdresser. I get to be a friend, a counselor, a person to help people represent themselves in the way that they would like. It is a way to actually touch and influence a person's mood and bearing. I am eternally honored to do what I do. It is a wonderful job and way of life.