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The Pageboy Haircut

And why I dislike it...

Today's post is all about a haircut that I loathe. This is purely an opinion piece and not meant to disparage anyone who feels otherwise. I think it looks stupid in the manner it was fashioned in 1970s, but I am also discovering what it does right.

The pageboy haircut of the 1970s, think a bowl cut that comes around the face and down to the nape of the neck, was an awful style. The ends were either tucked under or flipped out, both equally as terrible. This style is not to be confused with the pageboy styling of the 1940s. The difference being the way the front portion of the hair is styled. To me the pageboy cut is one of the worst haircut ideas. Having recently watched a video on YouTube dedicated to these cuts*, I realized the one thing that they do "right".

These cuts featured in the video are all basically the same blueprint, there are slight variations in length and styling, but the foundation is all the same. Once you have the skillset to create this basic cut, you can modify as necessary for the client. I am still not a fan of the styling from the '70s, but I can see the utility of really mastering one thing for its "versatility". You can use the same structure/form for many different lengths of hair, so you can modify to a person's taste.

I also discovered that the pageboy haircut is very similar to the Midi cut style from the 1940s. It was a little disappointing to discover that a cut from one of my least favorite decades is very similar to a cut from one of my most favored decades. I think the biggest difference between the two is the styling. In the '40s there was a lot more emphasis on curls and waves, sculptured and solid. Where, in the '70s, the style was more flat and if there were curls, there wasn't sculpture. I suppose in the '70s there was less interest in spending a lot of time at the salon, so the style had to be something that could be maintained on one's own at home.

This has been a small rant about something trivial, but I thought it was intersting. Please let me know how you feel about the pageboy haircut.

* (Thank you, Tristan, for posting this publication on YouTube)