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Navigating the New Year

As we close out the year 2022 and head towards 2023, I thought about something that can help as we may be thinking about "new year, new you". Especially in regards to the way you might be choosing to wear your hair.

Worry less about what someone else will think. Do you want to add some bright color to your style? Do it.* Do you want to grow your hair down to the floor? Do it. Why should it matter what others think? Your hair is yours, not theirs.

I have fallen victim to wearing my hair in a certain way just to please another. Let me tell you, it is quite freeing to wear my hair in the fashion that I choose. Your style doesn't have to be as extreme as mine, but wear yours how you want. There are some styles that I absolutely abhor (if you know, you know), but I want to give each and every client the hair that makes their heart sing, so I will do those cuts and styles. I will gladly provide anyone with the style they request. It is a matter of taking care of themselves and not worrying what someone might think. No one is paying that much attention to you anyway.

If someone asks why you would do such a thing, just tell them it is because you want to. No more needs to be said about it. Live life on your terms, worry less about others' opinions, and take care of you. On the other side of this coin, let others wear their hair their way, no one is making you get their haircut. They get to express themselves as they choose as well.

A slightly different topic today, but I just thought I would share this little piece as a bit of advice. Take it or leave it, but enjoy the new year as it comes. I can only see better days ahead.

*The only exception is if it will create a risk of your employment, i.e. dress code violation