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Notable Stylists

Persons who influenced the hair industry

Here is a small sampling of some of the noted personalities in the world of hairdressing. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the amazing people who worked to make hairdressing the art it is. I shall continue to find new information about more innovators as time goes on.

Martha Matilda Harper (1857-1950): Creator of the Harper Method for hairdressing. Opened the first women's salon in 1888.

Madame CJ Walker (1867-1919): First female self-made millionaire in the US. Sold products and tools for the care of ethnic hair.

Eugene Schueller (1881-1957): Founder of L'oreal. Chemist from Paris who created the first chemical haircolor.

Antoni Cierplikowski (1884-1976): Antoine de Paris. Called the world's first celebrity hairstylist.

Sydney Guillard (1907-1997): The first hairstylist to be credited on screen.

Raymond Bessone (1911-1992): Mr. Teasie-Weasie. The first hairdresser to appear on television.

Louis Alexandre Raimon (1922-2008): Alexandre de Paris. Master of the chignon.

Kenneth Battale (1927-2013): Mr. Kenneth. Also described as the world's first celebrity hairdresser.

Vidal Sassoon (1928-2012): Creator of geometric, low maintenance hairstyles.

Richard Dalton (1949-present): Lady Di's hairdresser.