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Book update

What I am going to write about

I have decided what will be included in my first book. I didn't realize, when I started doing my research, that I would have to write more than one. However, the subject matter needs to be delved in deeper, so the first book is kind of an overview of the history of early 20th Century hairdressing.

I will be aiming to write a book that runs about 100 pages and is split in to 5 chapters. The chapters will cover; Salons, Schools, Stylists, Equipment, and Chemicals. Each of these chapters will cover the most notable or first in each category. Aiming to create a basic overview of the early days of modern hairdressing.

The next book after that will be more in depth mini biographies of the most notable stylists of the early 20th Century. Perhaps after that I can delve in depth to the color companies that are around now. Or I can go deeper in to early patents for equipment. There are so many avenues to pursue.