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Not enough time

...and too much

I feel like time is getting away from me, but that it is stretching on until forever.

I have kind of been so occupied with school, I have hardly had any time for focusing on my hair career. I have learned a valuable lesson about not taking so many credits when I get back in the fall. I will be trying to take a more balanced approach to my schedule once I return. For the time being it is going to be a bit crazy. I just finished the term so while I have more time outside of school, I am going to be very busy making sure that everyone that wants it is taken care of before I leave.

One good thing that is happening is that I get to be a mentor to a young lady who just graduated beauty school. I hope I can give her the best in starting her career. I am trying to put myself back in the mindset of being fresh out of beauty school and the kind of support I could have used when I was starting out. I am excited to be able to help.

I am ready to take a bit of a vacation, but it will also be nice to get back and see everyone again. I hope I will remember how to cut and color hair. That last sentence was a joke. I figure it will be like riding a bicycle, just gotta get back on and do it.

I am not sure if I will be doing blog posts at all while I am gone, but I will make a decision eventually. Until that point, I will work to do a few more through the end of the month.