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Vacation time

I am really going...

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and it is the day that I made my trip official. I bought my airfare to travel both to and from Europe.

I am excited to be going, but I am a bit nervous to come back. Mostly because I feel like it will be like "going back to school". I am taking a nine and a half week vacation, that's a long time to be away and not practicing my craft. I am hopeful that it will be like riding a bike and I just have to get back on and go. I will apologize in advance to anyone who I see the first week back, just in case it takes me a minute to get back in the swing of things.

For those that cannot wait that long between their appointments, I have friends(co-workers) who can help. We will make introductions and let them know what you need. If you are willing to wait, then I will see you after I get back.

I will gladly share my adventures after my trip, if you would like to hear about it. Although, I think my co-workers might grow tired of hearing about all of the things. I hope they don't, but it is certainly a risk, given that they are with me every day that I am at the shop. I am also very aware that maybe some don't want to hear about my adventures and that is fine, too.