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Continuing Education

...while travelling

As I am preparing for my vacation, I have been contemplating how I can utilize the time to gain more experiences with my business. I am well aware that this is a vacation and I should take the time to do nothing work related, but I love my job and it might yield some interesting results. Plus, there's half a chance that I could maybe count some of my expenses as a tax deduction, if I work it right.

I recently learned that L'Oréal has a facility in Bucharest, Romania and it would be cool to be able to visit and see how they handle things there. Maybe even take a class or something like that. There is also the possibility of visiting a salon while I am out and about in the world. I will do some more research and see if there are any museums or anything of that sort related to my area of interest. It could be for my actual job, or it could be for my pursuit of my doctorate. I think either would be nice to learn about.

I will be adventuring for two months and I am sure that I can find something to tickle my fancy. I should try and do something work related, I don't want to lose my touch. I may not be doing any blogging while I am away, so this could be the last for a couple of months. Or I could surprise myself and write about my travels while I am on them. Either way, I will be back to update as soon as I can.