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Learning new things

And some refreshers

This past Monday I had the opportunity to learn a few new things with my Matrix Excel+Elevate program. There were two points of focus, the first half was dedicated to color and the latest releases from the company, the second half was all about curls and their latest offerings in take home hair care.

The first half was more of a review for me, but it was still worth revisiting. I even learned some new information about grey hair and its causes. That was quite fascinating. I need to do a little more research, but it seems that our bodies have hydrogen peroxide inside and the amount affects the production of melanin in the hair. I was also reminded of the potential need to alter formulation when creating for grey coverage vs. grey blending. There is some need of different things in different parts of the head. We also discussed how much the texture and pattern of the hair is just as important as the color and porosity. 

Speaking of the texture and pattern of the hair, that was what the second half of the program consisted of. We(Matrix) are releasing a product line that is all inclusive for all patterns of hair from wavy to curly to coily. It is called A Curl Can Dream and it is amazing. I got the opportunity to work with the line and it seems to meet the needs of curly hair. It is made with the moisture needs in mind. I like that it is a simple line that is formulated for everyone. You don't even need to have curls to get some benefit from this line. It smells lovely and isn't too heavy. I can hardly wait to share it with my curly clients. 

This was a great amount of information and I am very thankful to have been able to participate. It was as close to "in person" as we can get right now. I will be running some experiments at work in the next few weeks.