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Knocking on the door

Who's going to answer?

To be honest, I really liked this image and had no idea what to write about. So I am going to write a bit on what "doors" I am knocking on in life, and who might be answering said doors and where that might lead me.

Education: My goal is a doctorate in anthropology, specifically to research hair and hairdressing history. I have knocked on the door of the local community college and, now, the university. I have even been answered, accepted into my program, and look forward to all that this education track has in store for me.

Travel: I am making my plans to knock on the door of Europe and see the world just a bit. I am thinking of making travel an integral part of my life and try for at least a month per year. I might even be able to use my travels as part of my education and work life. I can make even more social/professional connections across the globe.

Skills: I need to keep up with the current trends and also maintain my basic, foundational skillset. I find that I am happiest when I am learning the physical skills, both in cutting and in coloring. I will continue to knock on doors of people who might be able to impart new skills.

Interpersonal: I am knocking on the doors of each person that I come in contact with. If they will let me in, I would like to meet them where they are. I want to make better connections with everyone I meet. I am looking to understand others better and, in the process, take a bit of step back out of the proverbial spotlight.