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Doing some solid reading

What books am I looking at?

In research for my eventual book, I thought I might do some reading of contemporary  dives into the topic of hair and hair history. I want to make sure that I don't copy someone by accident. I do really want to be able to contribute to the world's information with something new and not a repetition of information already presented. 

I recently read Plucked A History of Hair Removal by Rebecca M. Herzig. The book was all about hair removal specific to North American history. It was quite fascinating to see how views of body hair shifted over the course of about 250 years. This covered both men and women. For men, mostly, the facial hair trends and for women the standards of all body hair. This book was an interesting to read, although I don't know that it has a lot of overlap with my topic of interest.

I have also started reading a book Hair A Human History by Kurt Stein. I am only a partial chapter in, but it seems to be approaching the subject from a more biological viewpoint. The author is noted as being an authority on the biology of the hair follicle. Isn't that a fascinating thing to be an expert in? I look forward to finishing this book and possibly even using it as research material for my book(s). I will be coming from an anthropology perspective, so I don't know as there will be too much that I would repeat.

In my queue is a book entitled Entangled The Secret Lives of Hair by Emma Tarlo. I happened upon this tome from the mini documentary I mentioned in a previous post here. The author is an anthropologist, so it should be something right up my alley. I would guess that it won't be exactly what it is I am studying, but it should be very informative. 

I am certain there are more books out there that would be beneficial to my studies. I hope to find some more of them to keep up the learning of all I can of the subject. I think I either need to broaden my scope or hone in on a very specific part. We shall see as my studies progress.