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We have no idea

Mysteries of hair

The more I study, the more I discover that there is a lot to learn. Especially in the realm of hair and hair services. I didn't realize there was so much no one seems to have any ideas about. There a lot of good where and what answers, but not as many on why and how.

Why, exactly, do we grow the types of hair we grow and on what parts of the body? As far as I can tell, in my research, no one knows for sure why our fur coverings became so sparse. There are theories, but somehow this lack of fur is a benefit to our species, or it wouldn't have persisted. Or why did sexual dimorphism choose to demonstrate in beards? To what end do biologic males have facial hair? I know from that standpoint, it makes a clear difference between males and females, but why does it cover a man's face from the nose down?

What causes hair to turn white? Not so much the physical process, we have a basic understanding of that. More along the lines of, what(timing) causes it to change when and where it does? How does the body decide when it is time to discontinue making pigment? 

When/why did humans begin cutting their hair? This is an important question because it would help me understand where my "industry" started. It is incredibly difficult to find this answer, due to lack of evidence for when this may have occurred for the first time. I may have to go have a chat with an archeologist and see if they know something.

I like having these questions to pursue, because it means that there is still more to be learned about the subject I am most interested in.