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It's been a while

Sorry I've been gone
I have been extremely busy, in work as well as personal things. I have been really thinking about how my job is treating me. I am finding that I truly enjoy playing and working with people. I am exploring ideas of inspiration from nature. Trying to find models for this is a bit of a challenge. Mostly, due to their employment situations. It is okay, I just wish I had a line up of persons waiting for me to work my magic. I will do how I do for a long time. I am also working on keeping up with trends that are coming through with hair. Social media has made it easier to keep up, but also a little more difficult as the clients can find so many new things at once. I will be sharing more of these looks on the social media outlets. I am also working on a campaign to get my "followers" to engage with my sites. I will keep the updates more frequent as time goes on.