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Fund my endeavors

Raising some money to attend an event.
I am looking to attend a huge event sponsored by Matrix. Destination 2016 is the place to be in January. I feel that anyone who is anybody in this industry, particularly through Matrix, will be there. They just added Tabatha Coffey, who is a great inspiration to me, to the line up. I have turned to crowd funding to try and help defray some of the costs that will be incurred trying to go. I have started a campaign on GoFundMe ( ) to raise the funds I need. I am so desperate to go, I will try any avenue to make it affordable. I don't like the idea of getting stagnant in my career and attending shows and classes helps keep me fresh. Plus, I could possibly rub elbows with the hair big shots. I am certain that I can make things happen, as long as I have a few people in my corner. I keep feeling like Eugene is too small for my great talent and this way I can be, for a short while, in the big time. I hope that I can make this happen for myself. Just need a bit of support and I could be on my way to Florida in January.