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How to navigate the social media sphere?

I want to be honest with you, my friends, about my feelings on connection through the power of the internet. I don't feel that I am making a good connection with anyone, as I rarely get any feedback from my audience.

Each time I do a post, a live stream, a blog post, or update, I may get one or two comments in response. I truly appreciate that you are "liking" my various posts, but it makes it feel hollow in the way of interaction. I can feel like my words and demonstrations are meeting apathy. That a person isn't really paying attention to what I am posting.

With that said, I am not sure how to make my content more appealing. I have worked to create a diversity of content to share. There's not one item that seems to be catching on with my audience. Now, some of this could be due to the algorithms that run the social media machine. Perhaps, I am not exciting enough to have my work shared with my entire group of followers. I am not sure that creating a call to action would work any better than any other tactic I have already tried.

I have wanted to connect through education. I love teaching people new things, ideas, facts, trivia, techniques, but I don't seem to get much response in my teaching moments. If you have any ideas that help you feel connected, would you share? I am always open to hearing from any of my friends.

I shall continue to share what I am doing, new things, fun pictures and hope that one day I can feel a real sense of community and interaction as time goes on.