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Happy Holidays!

We're almost there...

I am writing to write. I am writing to express how this year has been kind of a tire fire. And at the same time I am writing to say how amazing this year has been in the amount of good change I have seen.

This has been a good year for me. I was able to support my friend in opening her own salon. I am working there and it is a wonderful environment. We get to work with people we like and continue to expand and make the whole experience amazing. She has even made a real website for the salon. It is nice to have a salon home that is perfect for me. We are almost completely legit, like a real salon and everything.

I also began my journey as a Matrix educator. It got a tiny bit derailed with the virus. But that just meant that I had to move my training online. It isn't exactly how I would have done it ideally, but I still got to start the work to become an educator. How fun is that? Plus, through this opportunity, I have been able to make new friends all over the globe.

The third good thing that happened to me this year was I decided to go to college. In order to make my book a reality, I thought I should go to school and really learn about all the history I can. I am eventually going to pursue a doctorate in the subject. Isn't that amazing? The world is full of great opportunities and I am finally taking them.

I look forward to next year. I am sure it is full of even more good things. I will bring you along on my various journeys and hope to share even more fun information with you as I go.