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Just keep moving

Another day, another little entry. I am working to make this a regular thing. I suppose I just need to consider this as part of my job, not just a little side thing.

To look forward and keep moving in that direction. So that means that I have to do the things that propel me toward the future. Is the future online? I am not sure that it is entirely there, but it is certainly a big part of what the future holds. I am still not sure that I am ready for a more online life, but it seems that is where we are going. What does this mean for me?

I feel like I need to create even more content, but get overwhelmed with the abundance of information already provided. I don't know as I have a lot to add to the conversation. I am not keen on being an "influencer" and I don't know that I even have enough of an audience for that. I also don't know that I want to put in the effort to make myself the star of the social media show. I find that I am happier creating on a small scale and sharing where I can. I "should" do more on all of the media outlets, but I am going to focus one at a time. For now, that means that I am going to focus on weekly blog posts and interesting content for IG. If I don't have any content, then I won't share. I would guess that less people will see my work, but that is okay, I want to focus on the real and less on the ephemeral that is the internet.

So, that is where we are. I will look to add some interesting tidbits to the blog next Monday or so. That way I have something that is of great interest to people and not a bore to read. I might even share on the IG, if it is something good enough. I look forward to seeing this future.