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Building blocks

Going back to the basics

Why should I want to take a basic color course? Why might I learn about the physical structure of hair? What would cause me to do review of fundamental chemistry concepts? What is there possibly to be gained from returning to the foundations of color theory?

The answer to all of the above is, because I need the fundementals solid, so I can build off them to create amazing hair. I have been finding that is a great idea, every once in awhile, to go back to the very basics of hair. Discover what this industry is built on. I need a reminder every so often that it really is simple. I just tend to overcomplicate things. 

Sometimes, I need to remind myself that there are some very core rules to making the magic I do. There are only a few key elements that I must deal with. Armed with that knowledge, I can do almost anything. So, I continue to revisit the foundational parts of what I do. There are days when I just look at color theory. Other days I am investigating chemistry, as it relates to hair and haircolor. And even on other days I check out the fundementals of hair cutting. 

I can use all that I continue to learn, even at the basic level, to enhance my abilities. I can also go back and teach it to someone else. That is the true goal, being able to share these pieces with others.