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An Introduction

The opening of my future book

Here's the introduction, at least the first draft, to my future book on hairdressing history. Let me know what you think.


 What is this book all about? In the following I shall explain the genesis of the idea behind the creation of this tome.

     I have been a licensed hairdresser since 2002. As I have advanced in my career, I found myself drawn to vintage styling. The more I studied, the more I saw that there wasn't a comprehensive source for the early 20th century history of my chosen craft. I wanted to know more, the when, where, who of the amazing world of hair.     I have gone through archives, old newspapers, books, etc. I have discovered so many interesting tidbits. There are inventions that were created far earlier than I expected. Some trends can be traced to exactly one person. New ideas flourished that still influence how we approach hair styling today. 

    Part of the difficulty in creating this book was finding good biographical information on the movers and shakers in this beautiful industry. There are stylists who really changed hairdressing approaches that, unfortunately, had little to no information available in a quick search online. I have chosen to present as much of a mini biography as I can on a number of stylists, both well known and not.     In this volume I seek to show how much things have changed, but how they have stayed the same throughout the years. I apologize for my America/Euro-centric views, as I didn't take the time in developing this book to research other countries. Perhaps, if this does well, I could pursue the history of other areas of the globe. 

    So, let's tighten our wigs, ladies and gentlemen, and embark on a journey through the early 20th century in the world of hair and hairdressing.


Feel free to offer feedback on this start. Would this intro make you want to read the book? Does the subject matter appeal to you? I look forward to what this book brings with it.