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What direction am I heading?

I am starting to contemplate where I want to focus my mental and physical energy. I still love working behind the chair, but I am greatly enjoying teaching as well. I am deciding what direction my career is headed.

The first direction could be just doing hair behind the chair and not continue to pursue education. This feels like that might be what I could be expected to do. However, I don't relish the idea that I would "only" be working behind the chair. 

The second direction could be diving full in to teaching and foregoing working behind the chair. I don't know that this is any better, as I greatly enjoy visiting with my clients and helping people feel beautiful.

The third direction I could go is a hybrid of the two aforementioned choices with more time dedicated to working behind the chair. This feels okay, I am happy to continue to work on becoming an educator while I also work on my people.

The fourth direction I could go is a kind of opposite hybrid where I spend more time teaching/educating than working with clients. This would mean that my schedule for offering services would get even more restricted. I am leaning a bit in this direction.

The fifth direction I could go would be to try and balance my work time fifty-fifty between education and working behind the chair. Which would seem to be the best balance. However, that doesn't include all of the personal time for social media, business paperwork, continuing education, only work behind the chair and pursuing my educator goals.

There is a sixth direction I could go and that would be to scrap doing hair at all and focus entirely on my college education and writing my history book. Some days this feels like the right choice. Mostly on the days where I am really relishing the pursuit of knowledge in a field of study where few have taken the time to study the topic.

So many choices, I will have to contemplate this one a while longer. I feel like I would like to strike a nice balance between all of the things, with a bit more focus on teaching and sharing knowledge. I hope that I can continue providing value to each person in whatever fashion they need.