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Tell me your (hair) story

Hair adventures for all

I would like to know your relationship to hair, your own or others'. As I am now working in the field of anthropology, I am interested in how my industry(hairdressing) has affected you as a person. Have you had good experiences? Poor experiences? What do you feel about hairstyles? Do you think that hair is important?

I am looking to start collecting some "on the ground" information. I am not particularly focused on "male" or "female" hair,  just experiences surrounding hair. Whether that is length-based(girls have long hair, boys have short hair), color-based(I am too _____ to have that color), or style based(your type of person shouldn't wear that style). Or, perhaps, it is positive experiences like, a haircut changed my life, I feel more myself when I have this color, I love my natural texture. I want to hear it all.

The social implications of "nice" hair are amazing. I find that it generally covers two topics. The first being that shiny supple hair is an indicator of physical health and conveys the idea that a person is reproductively viable. The second is that it is an indicator of one's socioeconomic status. Each of these are not vitally necessary for being alive, but it certainly seems that it is very important for social connecto

If you would permit me, I would like to share your stories as well. I will gladly keep your information confidential unless you state otherwise. You can regale me with your hair tales here: I look forward to hearing what you have to share.